Missing Horse named Penny - Savannah, MO, 64485 | NetPosse ID #7950

Missing Horse Near Savannah, MO, 64485

NetPosse ID #: 7950
Name: Penny
Species: Horse
Description: Husband lost job and the stress of current times eventually caused family to separate temporarily. During this time, a horse dealer hounded husband to give him the horses so husband wouldn't have to care for them. Wife called dealer and clearly told him not to take the horses - the family didn't want to get rid of them. Dealer didn't care and finally convinced husband to give them to him. Family is desperate to find their horses. Husband and I separated for a while. He got angry gave two horses away the day after Thanksgiving. The man he gave them to was informed by me not to get involved; that these were my horses. He kept calling my husband and he told the man to pick them up. There was no money involved and I did not give permission for them to be given away. I’ve tried to get them back. So has my husband as he is very sorry for what he did. He’s tried to pay money to the man and he won't even tell us where they are or if there alive. He is a horse trader and takes horses to slaughter. I’m devastated and miss my buddy Flashy dearly!

Area Last Seen: Savannah, MO, 64485
Date Lost: 11/26/2009



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