Searching For Horse named Dude - canterbury, CT, 06331 | NetPosse ID #7935

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Searching For Horse Near canterbury, CT, 06331

NetPosse ID #: 7935
Name: Dude
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian
Description: COLD CASE REVIEW - Two horses, Dude and Orion, from my rescue are missing from the above location. They went there for a 30-day quarantine period, and we were going to stay on indefinitely until I found out the person providing the "care" was not feeding them four other of my horses we removed. The barn owner is now claiming my last two horses are not there.

You can find Orion's information here:

11/17/23: ON THIS DAY IN TIME, NETPOSSE COLD CASE REVIEW. This report is still open in our NetPosse database on our website. You can read the details on this cold case and contact the owner by clicking on the image below. Could you please pass the cold case NetPosse Alert along as many times as you can? As many of you know, we've helped recover horses over a decade after they went missing. We never give up. And if the case has reached a resolution, please get in touch with us at the message button on our page. Sometimes, the owners forget to tell us.
Area Last Seen: canterbury, CT, 06331
Date Last Known: 11/17/2011



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