Missing Horse named Bucko - Allardt, TN, 38556 | NetPosse ID #7844

Missing Horse Near Allardt, TN, 38556

REWARD $5,000.00

NetPosse ID #: 7844
Name: Bucko
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Description: Two horses were lost in the Big South Fork area. Running after the ground, bees got after them and got away from the riders. I want to thank everyone for helping us find our lost horses. I can’t put into words how heartbroken and devastated we are. The amount of people who have taken the time to ride through the woods and search for our horses is overwhelming, and we are so appreciative.

We contacted a person with a thermal scanning drone the day the horses were lost to attempt to fly over the trees and scan for the horses. This seems to be the best way to find them, as Big South Fork Park covers 125,000 acres. After talking with the man, he can not fly his drone over the park where the horses were lost due to regulations regarding drones flying over a national park. There is some shield preventing the drone from flying into the park. He was able to fly the drone around the outskirts of the park and covered 4,000 acres with no luck.

The Woodruffs and I have contacted the Fentress County Sheriff’s Office, TN State Troopers, TN Wildlife Resources Agency, National Park Service, and Park Rangers, asking for help searching through the park and allowing the drone to fly over. I also talked with the office of TN Senator Marsha Blackburn, asking for help. All of the authorities have denied our request for help searching for our horses, who have been missing in the woods for five days. We are desperate for help in finding our horses. We can’t understand why the authorities aren’t offering help finding two scared animals that could be hurt or starving. Please let us know if anyone has any recommendations on who to contact. Thank you for your continued prayers. We pray to find our horses safe and unharmed.

The map on 10/31/23 represents the point of loss of the horses and the red lines represent a flight path with thermal imaging both morning and night for a distance of over 15 miles from center point at 9 days after loss I believe, we saw every single living animal with a heart beat in that 15 mile circle, - Mike Joseph
Area Last Seen: Allardt, TN, 38556
Date Lost: 10/7/2023