Missing Horse named McCoy - Hardinsburg , KY, 40143 | NetPosse ID #7813

Missing Horse Near Hardinsburg , KY, 40143

NetPosse ID #: 7813
Name: McCoy
Gender: geldings
Species: Horse
Breed: Mustang
Description: This is one of four Mustangs that were being fostered for my rescue. The person fostering them said they had been homed in pairs, and the adoption contracts were being mailed to the rescue. We never received the contracts. Shortly after that, one of the ladies who helped bail THEM from a kill pen contacted me. She hadn't heard anything from the foster in a couple of weeks. I was under the impression that the mustangs had been homed and that the lady who helped bail them had been in contact with the foster and knew they had also been homed. At that time, I tried to contact the foster to let her know I hadn't received the contracts. I realized I had been blocked on all social media accounts, and her number had also been blocked. Someone spoke with her, and she said that she had to leave the property, but the horses were still there. I sent someone to the address, and no horses were on the property. She had told several people that others had stolen the horses, but she didn't know what happened to them because she had to leave the property, but her boyfriend, who was living on the property, might know something. I have been unable to contact her or the boyfriend, and the horses are supposedly missing.
Area Last Seen: Hardinsburg , KY, 40143
Date Lost: 9/7/2023