Stolen Horse named REBEL - hasty, CO, 81044 | NetPosse ID #7520

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Stolen Horse Near hasty, CO, 81044

NetPosse ID #: 7520
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse

My husband, Anthony. Was out a week ago yesterday feeding the cows. Well, these two horses didn't want to come down and eat with the cows, so he drove down to where they were at and gave them a 5 gallon bucket full of sweet feed. at this time a 4 door late model gmc or chevy pickup with an aluminium probably feather lite trailer, who Anthony thought was a friend of his by the rig stops in the road and says that he and his brother are up from texas lookin to buy broke horses. anthony said no they are not for sale and didn't think much of it. thursday he saw the same rig drive by our house and head out south but heading the other route. he didn't think much of it,, until he went to the south gate of the pasture where the horses and cattle are. the gate had been opened and left open. he thought maybe the neighbors bull got in, and he went in and got him out.. the neighbor though would not leave without closing the gate. he heads down to the main gate and sees that the gate is not latched on the post the way he has been doing it for 35 years..he sees tracks that are not his and went out monday and tracked the ranch.. we're 11 miles long here with the arkansas river close by. anthony was a professional guide and outfitter fro 20 years.. he is positive someone came in thru the south gate, lured the horses in with grain in the trailer and went out thru the main gate. We have contacted all our neighbors and some remember seeing that rig go by.. but no one has a license plate number and the man in the pickup was wearing sunglasses and a big hat. anthony would not be able to pick him out of a lineup

Area Last Seen: hasty, CO, 81044
Date Stolen: 3/4/2016



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