Missing Horse named Legacy Royal aka Sanchez - Huntley Project, MT, 59037 | NetPosse ID #7495

Missing Horse Near Huntley Project, MT, 59037

NetPosse ID #: 7495
Name: Legacy Royal aka Sanchez
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa
Description: We have had to rent a pasture for over a year while waiting for our home to sell in another part of the state. He has been happily roaming an 800-acre pasture with 20 of his closest friends.

Well, as horses often do, he and some of his buddies escaped through a portion of the down fence. This time of year, all the meadows are green, the draws have water, and the horses are happy, so the place's owners don't see the horses every day and really don't worry about it.

They were captured by an unfriendly neighbor who contacted the Montana Dept. of Livestock and the Yellowstone county sheriff without making any other attempts to contact neighbors. The Livestock Office held the horses for 11 days before being sold at the Billings Horse Sale. The Dept. of Livestock did the absolute minimum they are required by law. Neither the Sheriff or Dept. of Livestock made attempts to contact neighbors in the area, there are no more than 50 houses in the area.

Our hearts are broken that our little buddy Sanchez went missing and was sold without us knowing! We requested and received the buyer information. We contacted him and he told us he had already resold him and he went to New Jersey. He has also mentioned that he went east, so who now exactly where.

We also lost two other horses, but we are pretty sure it's too late for them; they were sent to slaughter feedlots. Please note the brand on his right shoulder! His hip number at the Billings Sale was 1189 (if that helps?).
Area Last Seen: Huntley Project, MT, 59037
Date Lost: 4/11/2016