Missing Horse named Marcuz - Ione, CA, 95640 | NetPosse ID #7452

Missing Horse Near Ione, CA, 95640

NetPosse ID #: 7452
Name: Marcuz
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian

On 9/7/16, Between 4pm and 8pm, Marcuz was stolen out of his pen. Thieves left their other pony-jumper in the pen. We believe they walked him away - hoof-prints found that indicated a struggle. Dually tire marks were found indicating a truck and trailer. The thieves had to go through 3 gates and a gravel road to find the horse at the back of their 40-acre property. There was signs of a struggle indicating that they had difficulty getting Marcuz in the trailer including evidence to show that he fell twice during this struggle. Law Enforcement utilized helicopters to search a 2 mile radius and there was no sighting of Marcuz anywhere at that time.

On 1/25/17, Marcuz's bones were found on the neighboring property, 200 feet from the road, some in a ditch along the drive and some on higher ground. This property has a locked code entry gate and could only be accessed if the gate code was known. Bones indicated that Marcuz had been quartered and had been deceased for 2-3 months. No hide remained but there was pink flesh present on some the remaining bones as well as some cartilage still connecting some of the bones. The skull was recovered as well as one hoof which matched Marcuz's. One of the bones of the leg showed an old injury which was also consistent with an injury Marcuz had. 

Please help us to be able to find out who was responsible for this criminal attack towards Marcuz. 

Area Last Seen: Ione, CA, 95640
Date Lost: 9/7/2016



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