Searching For Horse named Eli - Monroe, NC, 28112 | NetPosse ID #7449

Searching For Horse Near Monroe, NC, 28112

NetPosse ID #: 7449
Name: Eli
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse CROSS
Description: My daughter was training Eli to be an Eventing horse, but due to hoof problems, she had to stop training him. We were introduced to a man who was looking for a trail horse for a girlfriend. After riding Eli twice, he decided that he was going to take Eli for himself as a trail horse. I explained to him that Eli had hoof problems and that he needed to remain barefoot. I told him that I was willing to let him have Eli on the condition that Eli would stay barefoot and he would maintain the therapy of our farrier.

Also, we had the right of first refusal if the man could no longer care for Eli. He agreed to these conditions, and we allowed him to take Eli to his farm nearby in Waxhaw, NC. The day Eli left with the man, I stupidly signed a Bill of Sale to release Eli to him. When we discovered that this man was a broker/trader, I contacted him, and he told me that Eli was sold to a girl who was home-schooled in the Asheboro, NC, area but would not give me any other details. We were also informed that Eli was sold to a missionary group in the Asheboro, NC, area and that they had no contact information from another source. 

We need to find Eli and make sure he is okay. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We made a mistake, but Eli should not pay for it; we just want to ensure he is safe.
Area Last Seen: Monroe, NC, 28112
Date Last Known: 1/13/2016