Missing Horse named Jake - Edgewood, NM, 87015 | NetPosse ID #7423

Missing Horse Near Edgewood, NM, 87015

NetPosse ID #: 7423
Name: Jake
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa

I run a horse rescue and in July of 2012, Jake was adopted. In accordance with our Policy and Procedures and our Adoption Agreement, the adopter was under probation for a year after the adoption agreement was signed. I visited the adopter and Jake a couple of times during the probation time and before the probationary period was up, it was determined by our board that Jake was not being cared for in a manner conducive to a healthy future and we attempted to get Jake back (all according to the adoption agreement and the policy and procedure paperwork). We hired an attorney pro bono during which time I was not allowed to talk to the adopter. While trying to get the situation rectified, the adopter moved from her residence without giving us a new address (another breach of the adoption agreement) and took Jake with her. I last saw Jake at the original property in August of 2013. Eventually our attorney quit and we have been looking for Jake on our own ever since. Late last year (2015) there was a possible sighting of Jake and his adopter in Corrales NM.

Area Last Seen: Edgewood, NM, 87015
Date Lost: 1/1/2014



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