Missing Horse named Buckster - Canyon , TX, 79015 | NetPosse ID #7418

Missing Horse Near Canyon , TX, 79015

NetPosse ID #: 7418
Name: Buckster
Species: Horse
Breed: Buckskin
Description: DO YOU KNOW ME? PLEASE SHARE! "I am in a desperate search for information on a horse and hoping you can help. Busckster was a childhood horse of mine he is aging now and I don't want him to end up at a kill pen sale. Thank you for your help and support." ~JM Research has found that the original purchaser had a son in Canyon TX, a daughter in Tucson, AZ and lived in Amarillo TX but has since passed away. He possibly sold horses at the Amarillo, TX sale, Shawnee OK or Clovis NM sales. Buckster may have been sold by him around the 2008-09 time period but the trail is cold from there, it has been said that he liked Buckster and kept him for his son up until that period of time, he passed away in 2014 and it appears there is not anyone with additional information. Last known location Canyon, TX but by now Buckster could be anywhere!!
Area Last Seen: Canyon , TX, 79015
Date Lost: 2/1/2006



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