Missing Horse named Peaches - Las Vegas, NV, 89189 | NetPosse ID #7335

Missing Horse Near Las Vegas, NV, 89189

NetPosse ID #: 7335
Name: Peaches
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint TOBIANO

I had a verbal agreement with a longtime friend. The agreement was that she would keep my mare and help with the birthing of the baby and if it was a colt she would keep it and if it was a filly I would keep it. When I went to go pick up the bill of sale for the mare, she had chain locked both the mare and filly on her property and refused to communicate any longer with me. I contacted law enforcement and they told me it was a civil matter. I also contacted the brand inspector which told me if they are on her property then they belong to her. The horses were being kept on 1/3 of an acre with 6-8 other horses. I am concerned for their wellbeing and want my horses back. She did file a lien for boarding fees against the mare but not the filly. However, there was not a written agreement between us and she never once told me that I would have to pay her boarding fees. She only had my mare and filly for less than a month. I was told that the horses were to be sold at an auction in August 2016 due to the lien. I believe that she did not sell them and still has my horses.

Area Last Seen: Las Vegas, NV, 89189
Date Lost: 3/23/2016



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