Searching For Horse named Big Girl - Burkburnett, TX, 59821 | NetPosse ID #7236

Searching For Horse Near Burkburnett, TX, 59821

NetPosse ID #: 7236
Name: Big Girl
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Belgian
Description: STILL SEARCHING AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS: Please help find my missing horses! They were last seen on December 29, 2017, at a Rescue in Burkburnett, TX. I pray they are not too far away or GOD FORBID has been shipped to Mexico.

My transporter confirmed that they were there and in a pen ready to be loaded that night to be taken to another property where they were to be taken care of until the transporter’s truck was fixed. Because my transporter was not there when they were loaded, we cannot confirm that they ever left the property.

2 Belgian mares are missing, and one mini stud. And mysteriously, I ended up with 2 Belgian geldings that aren't mine!

BIG GIRL: One of the Belgian mares is microchipped, and we call her "Big Girl." She's fairly distinctive looking. She's sorrel with a darker mane and tail. She also has a little white freckle on her right butt cheek. NetPosse Webpage Link

SALLY: The other Belgian mare is beautiful - lighter colored with a flaxen mane and tail. She is not chipped or branded. NetPosse Webpage Link

MOCHA: The mini stud is very handsome - I call him Mocha. Law enforcement is aware they are missing and is looking into the situation. I am asking everybody to PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR MY BABIES. IF YOU GO TO SALES OR KILL PENS, PLEASE LOOK AROUND. NetPosse Webage Link
Area Last Seen: Burkburnett, TX, 59821
Date Last Known: 3/1/2018IMPORTED FROM OLD WEBSITE