Missing Horse named Lemon Twist - Xenia, OH, 45385 | NetPosse ID #7185

Missing Horse Near Xenia, OH, 45385

NetPosse ID #: 7185
Name: Lemon Twist
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian
Description: NETPOSSE COLD CASE: I was told that on April 16, 2018, representatives of (contact submitter for information) sold or gave away my mare, Lemon Twist, to ******** of South Charleston, OH. Lemon Twist was on loan to the camp with the written agreement she be returned to me at the end of her camp career.

4/16/24 CASE UPDATE: I ended up getting quite the runaround on Lemon Twist. Still, the shortened version is that the camp chaplain/director admitted to giving or selling (unclear which) Lemon Twist to a woman, who I came to learn had a very questionable reputation locally.

While she barely communicated with me and quickly blocked me on social media platforms, I learned she gave or sold Lemon Twist (again, unclear) to a horse trader named Brandon. He supposedly was going to sell her to a recipe farm in NC (questionable, given that Lemon Twist was a maiden and already passed the preferable recipe age).

I did speak with him by phone, and he claimed that he ended up keeping her for a while on his farm because "his girlfriend liked her", but then she passed away.

He could not give many details and provided only a receipt from a landfill as "proof." Did she die, or was this just another deflection from the truth?

I continued to look and tried to pursue legal action against the camp (as a contract was in place that she was to be returned to me - at my expense - when they no longer had use/need for her, whatever the reason), but was unable to get very far on either attempt.

Letting Lemon Twist go to the camp is still raw and my biggest regret.

If you have questions about the names involved, contact the owner directly using the CONTACT US info on this webpage.
Area Last Seen: Xenia, OH, 45385
Date Lost: 4/16/2018