Missing Horse named Tommy - Blue Ridge, VA, 24092 | NetPosse ID #7084

Missing Horse Near Blue Ridge, VA, 24092

NetPosse ID #: 7084
Name: Tommy
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: Satisfied request for Payment for holding horse, agreed upon date of return never showed up refuses telephone calls, sent letter refusing to surrender horse, filing civilly, have not rec'd case #

Fear horse will be moved or sold prior to court date. Individual was to hold horse until MAJOR property issue resolved and horse would be secure, now refuses to return

Note from owner:...Tommy was at a stable in Blue Ridge, VA when he was moved to Kenbridge...I had lost my home in Glade Hill To Foreclosure.....it took me three years to get it back....a long legal battle. Suspect was given FOUR other horses as consideration for holding Tommy for me. She then additionally asked for $1,500.00, was given that money, then returned it by voiding the checks and mailing them back to me with several letters, essentially saying "I don't feel like giving him back, and by the way if I ever sell him for BIG BUCKS, I'll be sure to send you some." She is also holding over $5,000.00 in stable equipment and tack....I have rec'd court case #, is as follows V06.362 scheduled for 09/20/06 @ 1 PM., in addition to Tommy. I have local sheriffs checking into saddle Centennial Internationale recently sold on Ebay.
Area Last Seen: Blue Ridge, VA, 24092
Date Lost: 8/12/2006



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