Missing Horse named Kickin' Kate - Clarksville, MD, 21029 | NetPosse ID #6953

Missing Horse Near Clarksville, MD, 21029

NetPosse ID #: 6953
Name: Kickin' Kate
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: Adopter was thrown by the stable owner's horse. Was in a coma for about a week, then physical therapy, etc. Asked about paying board and was told not to worry about it. Went out to see the horse about 6 weeks ago and the mare was gone. The stable told her that they had contacted a vet and the vet told them about a woman that needed a babysitter for a TB farm. A man came and picked up the mare. When I contacted the stable owner she refused to give me any information. She new the horse belonged to a rescue and told me it was not her responsibility to contact the rescue to return the horse. I told her for all she knows the man that picked the mare could have been a dealer she said could have been but that wasn't her responsibility. I asked her repeatedly to help me find the mare and she refused. She was very defensive and uncooperative. I believe she gave the horse to a dealer.

Area Last Seen: Clarksville, MD, 21029
Date Lost: 10/29/2007



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