Missing Horse named No Name - Walterboro , SC, 11111 | NetPosse ID #6889

Missing Horse Near Walterboro , SC, 11111

NetPosse ID #: 6889
Name: No Name
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: 6 Horses were picked up in Laurens County, SC, as a personal rescue between me and my friend Shawna. 3 of the 6 horses had been found homes but needed to be placed somewhere overnight and the other 3 found homes for. So Shawna contacted Pam Sheaf,which was later found out was with SCARE,and she said that using her facilities until homes were found was perfectly fine. So the horses were dropped of with food,water,blankets and stalls at around 3;30 or 4AM Thursday the 14th morning. The whole time this was understood that

Pam's facility was a layover and if she could find the other 3 homes that was great. We lost one horse on the ride down in Saluda County, a buttermilk buckskin she went down on the trailer due to malnourished and weakness. So a total of 5 were taken to Pam Sheaf's house on the morning of the 14th. The 2 I am reporting about in this particular report is an appaloosa and a sorrel mare but the story is the same on them all.

Pam has tried to be contacted through email and phone and no answer other than "they are gone" she will not tell us where,with who,etc. The main goal was the same, a good loving home but not through theft. Pam Sheaf, volunteer for SCARE is who last had these horses on 115 Volunteer Lane in Walterboro SC. She has not given us any information nor answered emails of phone calls letting us know where these horses are nor seems interested in reimbursing us for the money we spent on these horses.

suspect names: Pam Sheaf 115 Volunteer Lane
Walterboro SC Telephone # is 1-843-909-8989

suspect reasons: She was very excited to have the appaloosa and the silver filly. She contacted us before we even got into bed good saying she had found homes that was around 8 am the morning of the 14th and we had just left her house at 5 am that morning after getting the horses settled in.

Area Last Seen: Walterboro , SC, 11111
Date Lost: 1/14/2010



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