Missing Horse named Dallas - Willis Point, TX, 75169 | NetPosse ID #6852

Missing Horse Near Willis Point, TX, 75169

NetPosse ID #: 6852
Name: Dallas
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse CROSS
Description: Dallas, a 13 year old Bay QH/TB cross gelding, was adopted 7/16/2010. The adopter of Mineola, TX, decided to rehome Dallas with another person in Wills Point, Texas in the spring of 2011. Per our adoption policy, the potential adopter joined the organization, submitted an adoption application, and was approved. She then told original adopter that she had signed an adoption contract when her pre-adoption home visit was completed by a Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society volunteer. The first adopter believed her and let her move Dallas to her home property in Wills Point, Texas.

We never received the contract. When we contacted the original adopter approximately a month later to inquire about the contract, she told us that the potential adopter told her that she had already signed a contract when inspected. Our inspector never had a copy of the contract for the new person to sign.

Our adoption coordinator, Randi, began contacting the new adopter in approximately April 2011. Randi sent the woman a contract on more than one occasion, and although the woman promised to sign and return it, she did not do so.

She eventually stopped responding, and then her phone numbers were disconnected. On July 1, 2012, a Bluebonnet volunteer drove by to check on Dallas. There are now no horses on the property and the house is vacated. A neighbor reports that he had not seen horses on the property in six months. We fear Dallas has been sold or given away, which is against our adoption policy.
Area Last Seen: Willis Point, TX, 75169
Date Lost: 3/1/2011



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