Missing Horse named Rain - Saint Hedwig, TX, 78152 | NetPosse ID #6730

Missing Horse Near Saint Hedwig, TX, 78152

NetPosse ID #: 6730
Name: Rain
Species: Horse
Breed: Draft
Description: We picked Rain up from a woman that was supposed to be training her on Aug. 24, 2008. We put Rain in the pasture with 4 of our other horses at about 6 o'clock that evening. We watched her to make sure that she was getting along with our other horses for about thirty mins. The next day everyone in my family had work or school and didn't get home until 6:30 pm. At that point I noticed that Rain was gone. We began walking the fence, checking the field, and calling or checking with all the neighbors. Which none of them had seen the horse out. After checking the fence we could not find any area that she may have gotten out. So we began posting flyers and talking to people around town explaining that the horse may have gotten loose or may have gotten picked up by someone.
Area Last Seen: Saint Hedwig, TX, 78152
Date Lost: 8/25/2008



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