Missing Horse named Chance - Ovando, MT, 59864 | NetPosse ID #6605

Missing Horse Near Ovando, MT, 59864

NetPosse ID #: 6605
Name: Chance
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Horse
Description: On Oct. 18th, 2008, a Saturday, Monte went hunting up the northfork of the Blackfoot trailhead outside of Ovando. He was in about 9 miles near the south end of Lake Otatsi. Chance was tied with a lead rope and halter to a tree while Monte scouted for elk. When he came back, Chance was gone, the lead rope and halter were still there. He tracked him as he was heading back down to the trailhead but then when Monte got there, no sign of Chance. It looked like a bear may have been in the area so that may be what scared him to run off.

Chance had a dark brown saddle with a padded seat, breast collar, and back strap, a leather scabbard, leather saddle bags, a green horn bag, his head stall was tied to the saddle. In the bags were a GPS, an orange knit hat, an orange poncho and a blue/grey shirt.

We have contacted the U.S. Forest Service, the Rangers, the Sheriff, the brand inspector, put ads in the Missoulian, the Great Falls Tribune, the Helena Indepentant, the Lincoln paper, The Lake County Leader/Advertiser, outfitters, ranchers, and are contacting vets.

I am a Realtor in Lake County and sent out an email to over 1000 agents asking for their help. I have gotten over 30 of them that have been hunting in the area in the last two weeks looking for him!

Area Last Seen: Ovando, MT, 59864
Date Lost: 10/18/2008



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