Missing Horse named LBF Heartbreakers All Dolled Up - Colchester, CT, 06415 | NetPosse ID #6534

Missing Horse Near Colchester, CT, 06415

NetPosse ID #: 6534
Name: LBF Heartbreakers All Dolled Up
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature
Description: My friend (contact owner for name/address) in Colchester CT asked if I could bring my miniature horse Allie to her house to keep her horse company in October 2009. She then called me approx 3 months later asking if I could take her back. I told her that my trailer was stuck in the snow and that I could not pick her up yet but she needed her out so she said she would ask this person she knew of in Hampton CT who was taking her horse if she could also take Allie as a companion just till I was able to get her back to keep her other Horse company.

The third party was given my name and phone number, and my free-lease with the original lessee was verbally transferred to her friend. This person then picked up Allie. I called several times since February but she never called me back. I was asking how was Allie doing and that we wanted to visit her soon. Finally she first told me that I had signed a bill of sale giving her permission to take the horse (she was thinking I was my friend) but I told her I never signed any papers and that Allie the Mini was my horse. She then told me that she did not get any paperwork and she sold or gave my horse to someone in Rhode Island. She did not give me a name or a number. I begged her please if you have any information to give it to me I just want my horse back and she said she did not know any more. Owner has learned Allie was possibly sold at an auction in Massachusetts! Please help bring her home ... her children miss her desperately!
Area Last Seen: Colchester, CT, 06415
Date Lost: 2/3/2010



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