Searching For Horse named Rainy - Preston, MN, 55965 | NetPosse ID #6440

Searching For Horse Near Preston, MN, 55965

NetPosse ID #: 6440
Name: Rainy
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Medicine Hat Paint
Description: Rainy has a spot on her right flank that looks like a heart. She is a 15-hand 15-year-old, Medicine Hat Paint, but the white line on the left side is thin. She is chestnut/grey-white. This is a verbal agreement gone wrong. I agreed to let Rainy be used in a 4H program and later learned that Rainy was sent to the Central WI Horse Sale in Neillsville on 9/18/20. According to sales info, she was sold to Clint from C & T Horse Sales. We were told they kept no records. Have you seen her?

Rainy was leased with a verbal agreement to a girl for use in 4H. The 4H leader/trainer for the girl also boarded Rainy’s mother for me. The boarder never informed me of any issues or problems. The boarder said she didn’t have their information. When she finally gave my daughter their name, my daughter was able to find the girl's mother. She told my daughter that they had to move Rainy to another farm, and the first night, Rainy had an accident and was all cut up from being caught in the gate all night. I have pictures. If you want to know the names of the people involved, contact me directly.

She said that after that Rainy was not approachable and even charged at them. They convinced the mother to send Rainy to auction after only 5-6 weeks. The girl has not spoken to her mother because she was so mad. An Amish man named Daniel transported Rainy for $150 to Central Wisconsin Horse Sale in Neillsville on 9/18/2020. She was auctioned off for $1000 to Clint Peterson from C and T Horse Sales in Preston, MN. Clint Peterson told my husband that he kept no records of his horses.

Rainy is microchipped # 145351123A.
I did not know that I had to register Rainy after being microchipped.
My daughter has posted pictures of Rainy all over FB and spoke with people living there.
Area Last Seen: Preston, MN, 55965
Date Last Known: 9/18/2020