Missing Horse named Ginger - Lore City, OH, 00000 | NetPosse ID #6398

Missing Horse Near Lore City, OH, 00000

NetPosse ID #: 6398
Name: Ginger
Species: Horse
Breed: Appaloosa
Description: She was sold from a riding stable in Lore City Ohio when we had financial problems and family health issues. My husband had lost his job and finally got a job a year later and when we went to pay off the payments and pick her up they said she had been sold and won't say to whom. They also claim our 22 yr old arabian gelding died of colic while under their care. We only found out a few weeks ago she was gone because when ever we went to see the horses she would tell us they were on the back of the farm. I bottle fed her as a baby because she had no mother. I am heart broken without her and desperate to get her back. I will pay what ever to get her back … she's my baby girl. I understand they sold her because of money we admittedly owed but don't understand why they wont tell where she is she has never been abused she has always been very spoiled. I love her so and am lost without her. This is not a valuable horse to anyone but me. I only paid a few hundred dollars for her but to me she is PRICELESS.

Area Last Seen: Lore City, OH, 00000
Date Lost: 10/1/2007



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