Missing Horse named Charlie - gastonia/albemarle, NC, 28001 | NetPosse ID #6383

Missing Horse Near gastonia/albemarle, NC, 28001

NetPosse ID #: 6383
Name: Charlie
Species: Horse
Breed: Pony
Description: about 8 months to a year ago we were asked if we wanted some free ponies, the ponies were delivered to our home and dropped off, we were also offered a free cart but we would have to go get it if we wanted that...we never went to get the cart. We now have reason to believe that the person that offered us the free ponies and delivered the free ponies did not own those ponies. We also have information that leads us to believe that the true owner a lady was told that her pony/ponies had died. We are trying to find out the lady's name and how to contact her...please help us locate this lady. The black/white paint pony has a deformed right ear and looks/acts like he was probably a fancy cart pony in the past. We call this pony Charlie and he came to us with really bad feet and has probably been foundered in the past...
Area Last Seen: gastonia/albemarle, NC, 28001
Date Lost: 1/1/2011



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