Missing Horse named Stormy - Gore, Ok, 74435 | NetPosse ID #6371

Missing Horse Near Gore, Ok, 74435

NetPosse ID #: 6371
Name: Stormy
Gender: mare
Species: Horse
Breed: 2014 American Paint horse
Description: I had moved Stormy to our new home , in Gore Oklahoma off moonshine road 2 days earlier, last Saturday, I bathed her, braided her mane, rubbed her down with fly spay, put her fly screen on, fed her, and before dark went out to check her water and tell her goodnight. The next morning, I went outside around 8am to feed her and she was gone. I immediately started looking for her, nothing. I started driving around looking for her, stopping people on the road, stopping by houses with and without horses, no one has seen her, stopped mail carrier, fed ex delivery guy, again, haven't seen her, posted on social media she was missing, filed report with sheriffs office in sequoyah county, Oklahoma cattle man association ranger has been out, and still no one has seen my baby. Stormy is 9 years old, 15 hands approximately 1150lbs, she has a scars nice her right eye left of center.
Area Last Seen: Gore, Ok, 74435
Date Lost: 9/3/2023