Searching For Horse named Pearl - Rutherford, NC, 28139 | NetPosse ID #6160

Searching For Horse Near Rutherford, NC, 28139

NetPosse ID #: 6160
Name: Pearl
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Palomino
This is Pearl, a Paloominio with a white “almost-heart-shaped” mark on her forehead (her blonde coat is often stained from the red Carolina mud, so she looks like a Palomino). She has a White mane blonde body (when clean). Estimate age: 12/13 years (mom rescued her in 2014)

I'm reposting this because I accidentally deleted the original post. Thanks to everyone for commenting, sharing, and sending photos. Please reshare, as I've added their identifying markings below. I am working on a NetPossee report; thanks for recommending them.

6/29/2023: HARRY AND JOE HAVE BEEN LOCATED SINCE I FILED THE REPORT. -"I found Joe and Harry late last night! (The gelding and paint) but we are still looking for Pearl. This community blows me away. Planning to update my posts today. Thanks so much for putting all this together. They’re okay! I cried so many tears of relief. Harry is with a family in NC who adore him. Joe went from NC to Ohio to Pennsylvania with a woman using him as a sheriff’s posse horse and trail rides. She was honest and said she doesn’t plan to keep him but is very intentional about who she sells to. She said she would let me know where he goes. The trader took them to the Lumberton Horse auction on January 2, 2023.

BACKGROUND: We donated our beloved herd to a man outside Rock Hill, SC. He picked them up from my mom's farm near Rutherfordton, North Carolina (close to Tryon International Equestrian Center) on Dec. 26. 2022. He assured us they would have a loving forever home on his family's generational farm. He said he was a horse trainer and ran a local trail riding business.

He was incredibly excited to use our sweet donkey, Harry, for his kid's birthday parties. Harry has the best personality, and he's highly attached to both of the horses, as they are to him. Pearl, the Perlino mare, and Joe, the gelding Paint, are a bonded pair and would be trained to use for trail rides.

I found out in March 2023 that he had "given them away to a friend" because they were "dangerous." I now realize he's a con artist and predator. I'm furious, heartbroken, and desperate to find any information about where they may have gone. I want to know if they're okay and still together.

After trying to contact this man weekly since March, I finally got ahold of him last week by calling from a new number. He immediately hung up once I told him who I was. But I called back and pretended I didn't know he had sold them to try to get some information.

He said he "gave" them to a woman named Cheryl Lynn from Fitzgerald, Georgia, who he met on a trail ride possibly near Troy, NC- he would not confirm when I asked him to clarify where they met. He said she "disappeared" two weeks later, and he could not contact her. I don't trust a word he says, and I'm not sure this woman is even real, but it's the only info I have.

If you have any information or can share this with your networks, I would be forever grateful. This herd was part of our family, and we only gave them away because my mom was in a bad situation and had no choice but to re-home them.

We chose to gift them to this man, who seemed so nice, because they would be close enough for us to visit from Charleston, and we could still see them for trail rides.

He promised to give my daughter riding lessons. He lied to my face and took advantage of my family, and I will do everything I can to expose him for the kill pen horseman that he is so that he can't do this to anyone else. Use the CONTACT button on this page to call me about the man's name.

Please spread the word. These beautiful creatures did not deserve this.
Area Last Seen: Rutherford, NC, 28139
Date Last Known: 6/26/2023 1:55:00 PM