Searching For Horse named Hombre - Holt, Fl, 32564 | NetPosse ID #6152

Searching For Horse Near Holt, Fl, 32564

REWARD $1,000.00

For information that lets me come face to my face with my horse again.
NetPosse ID #: 6152
Name: Hombre
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Morgan/Paint
Description: Hombre was under a Lease Agreement with the barn owner I had been boarding him with x 6 years (due to my mother's stroke and needing my time). He would be used for lessons and trail rides to Coldwater or similar in exchange for feed/board/care. The owner decided nine months later that lessons weren't working out, so she "rehomed" him to someone with a pasture near Live Oak, Fl. She notified me through a Facebook messenger account on January 12, knowing I do not use that account. All other important interaction was through my cell phone or e-mail. I didn't see the message for a week. By then, she had already disposed of him and refused to give me any information. Then offered to "try" to get him back, but I wanted $6000 in back fees for the feed/board for the previous nine months. He was a one-person type of horse. He loved me and wasn't very friendly to anyone else, even those who fed him daily. I had great concerns about the safety of anyone unfamiliar with him and voiced this to her. I would like to have him home again, but I will be happy to see him face to face and know he is at a good home and is loved and thriving. If he is, I will bid the new owners farewell and move on.

I have an attorney that has reached out to the barn owner asking for information and the return of him or filing of Civil Theft charges. She has refused. I want to try one last time to see if the public can help me locate and see him before we go to court. I do not EVER want her to do this to someone else in the future. She boards, trains, shows, and sells Quarter Horses In Holt, Florida, that are worth a lot of money. My horse isn't worth much to anyone but me. He was gifted to me by a family friend after my horse injured me (broke my pelvis and collarbone). She bred the mother and then raised him from birth. I was to return him to her if I ever needed to find a new permanent home for him. My heart is broken, and I know Hombre's is also. Here is a link to Florida's civil theft law:
Area Last Seen: Holt, Fl, 32564
Date Last Known: 1/19/2023