Searching For Horse named Mingo RECOVERED - Broken Bow, Ok, 74745 | NetPosse ID #6137

Searching For Horse Near Broken Bow, Ok, 74745

NetPosse ID #: 6137
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Quarter Type
Description: Unhandled bay gelding with possible faint white on the face (poor photo quality) and an old scar or dent in his trailhead. Mingo was purchased from Fabrizius spring of 2022. Sent to Adam's County Colorado "sanctuary" with intent to undergo training. "Sanctuary" relocated to Oklahoma. Suspicious behavior occurred, and ultimately "sanctuary" "caretaker" was charged with multiple felony neglect charges. Dept. Of Ag. Confirmed several times Mingo's paperwork existed on the quarantined property. Check out more horses involved with the same person and 'sanctuary' by typing BROKEN BOW into the search feature on this website. Mingo is missing with Oceana. Go to to see her details. On June 8, Oklahoma Sheriff's Dept discovered that the " caretaker " had relocated from all known properties. We have been informed "caretaker" left the state. "Caretaker" held horses under pretenses and was told no permission was granted to relocate horses. The Caretaker did so anyway and refused to disclose the location. Locations likely: Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Florida, as these are known areas caretaker frequents.

Area Last Seen: Broken Bow, Ok, 74745
Date Last Known: 6/8/2023