Searching For Horse named Thunder - Bennett , Co, 80102 | NetPosse ID #5955

Searching For Horse Near Bennett , Co, 80102

NetPosse ID #: 5955
Name: Thunder
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: Looking for Thunder, a 16 hand bay thoroughbred gelding. Has a star and front and back right socks last seen fall 2019 in Bennett Colorado. 16 hand bay thoroughbred gelding . He was being held at Kathrin Boltons place. While I was driving for FedEx she said he needed a vet and I said that's fine she said she called a Dr segal out and ran blood and that he needed to be put down. I said do what the vet says is best. However I can not reach this vet nor find him. I've been asking for a vet report and still to this day can not get one. I am unsure if he's really dead or not.
Area Last Seen: Bennett , Co, 80102
Date Last Known: 7/30/2019