Searching For Donkey named Harriet - Broken Bow, OK, 74745 | NetPosse ID #5941

Searching For Donkey Near Broken Bow, OK, 74745

NetPosse ID #: 5941
Name: Harriet
Gender: Jenny
Species: Donkey
Breed: Standard
Description: Harriet was actually supposed to go to a rescue in Maine but didn't make the trailer from seller's facility. We agreed to take her in when the next load came to our rescue via seller's hauler. She was known as the "skinny gray jenny" for a long time. She is what is considered a smuggler donkey with no white on her face. A donkey similar to her was placed on trailer but, just like another donkey was not the correct donkey. Their face structure is different and the gray donkey we have does have white on her chin.
Area Last Seen: Broken Bow, OK, 74745
Date Last Known: 10/23/2022