Searching For Horse named Tarzan - Unknown, SD, | NetPosse ID #5936

Searching For Horse Near Unknown, SD,

NetPosse ID #: 5936
Name: Tarzan
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: BLM Mustang
Description: Stolen BLM Mustang Gelding
On December 16, 2021, Salvation Wild Mustang Sanctuary adopted out a BLM mustang gelding named Tarzan. We recently learned that the owner has died.
Per our signed contract with the adopter:
It is agreed that if said mustang named ______________ is offered for sale or re-homing in the future, Seller named SWMSC will be given First Right of Refusal. SWMSC has fourteen (14) days in which to notify the adopter that he/she will exercise his/her First Right of Refusal from the date of notification by the adopter. Adopter's Initials ___ Date __________ It is further agreed that said mustang will only be transferred privately and will NOT be resold at any type of auction, horse broker, feed lot or slaughter destination. Adopter's Initials ___ Date ________
We were first told Tarzan was adopted. Then told he was in South Dakota at a ranch with someone named Jayde. We are not being given any additional information and told due to their court issues, it can't be discussed.
No one was given permission or approval to take Tarzan after the adopter's death and we are requesting his location and his return.
Please contact Mae Martini or Sally Madigan with any information.
Area Last Seen: Unknown, SD,
Date Last Known: 3/22/2023 7:20:00 PM