Missing Horse named Royal Obsesion - Elizabethtown , KY, 42171 | NetPosse ID #5927

Missing Horse Near Elizabethtown , KY, 42171

REWARD $2,000.00

NetPosse ID #: 5927
Name: Royal Obsesion
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint SOLID
Description: I allowed my friend to use Aubrey for Summer Camp (June of 2016) for her students and was advised one of them wanted to take her home for full time use after camp and I agreed this was a riding lease and understood under no circumstances could she be sold or moved and if any problems arose, she must be returned to my friends barn for me to pick up. I was contacted a couple of months later by my friend that the people wanted to send Aubrey to this girl's aunt's house because the girl wasn't riding etc. and I called her back concerned and she says well Aubrey had been sick etc. so I said well they just need to bring her back and I will be coming to pick her up, or she could get me the address and I would go there and for her to call them. I got a call back shortly after that, telling me that Aubrey wasn't there anymore and had been sold to the 4R Sale. I was irate and got the number and asked if they had recently bought a sold sorrel mare in her late teens from a family near him or in the Leitchfield KY area recently or past few weeks and was told they had no idea since they probably had a hundred sorrel horses go through the sales the prior weeks in Greenville and Bowling Green, KY. He said he really couldn't help me since the horse was sold grade. I didn't know the people from riding camp but one of the older riding students, sent me photos last dated August 2016 from the people's FB. There is no more information on her from them and nobody has cooperated in obtaining any other information. When I confronted my friend about them selling her knowingly outside the agreement, it was stated as "well, people don't care." I have had no luck in looking for her on sale sites. MISSING - Desperately ISO Aubrey, sold grade w/o her papers, under a lease to ride with a no sale agreement in 2016, at last known location Elizabethtown and Big Clifty, Ky. Solid breeding stock sorrel APHA Mare, 14H now 25 yrs old. A light Cribber, does get buddy sour, very vocal, very social, very kind, rides, slow go, broke the best. She could obviously be in poor condition now due to her age. Please help me bring her safely back to her family and the home she has known her entire life.
Area Last Seen: Elizabethtown , KY, 42171
Date Lost: 6/1/2016