Found Paint Horse | NetPosse ID #5701

Found Horse Near Gilroy, Ca, 95020

NetPosse ID #: 5701
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint
Description: First, Gilroy is not the name of the horse. It is one that Stolen Horse International uses in our database to help with the search criteria in our database. He was dropped off by a 3rd party for temp boarding until long haul transport could be arranged. Alleged owner has not paid for board and I learned that owner also left previous boarding facilities without paying. He has been here a month and I am wondering if he is actually this person's horse to begin with. I have not heard from her this week and will take him to our shelter soon. Just hoping he belongs to someone loving.
Area Found: Gilroy, Ca, 95020
Date Found: 11/21/2022