Missing Horse named My Classic Port (Sweet Pea) - Vail, IA, 51465 | NetPosse ID #5696

Missing Horse Near Vail, IA, 51465

NetPosse ID #: 5696
Name: My Classic Port (Sweet Pea)
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Thoroughbred
Description: Missing Thoroughbred. I sent this horse on a free lease to be a broodmare. She was sent to Oklahoma to be bred and returned to the broodmare lease location emaciated. On Dec 2, 2022 this horse was reported to me as stolen/missing from the pasture. Last seen Vail, Iowa Dec 2, 2022. If located or seen, please contact me Details as follows: JC Name: My Classic Port Barn name: Sweet Pea Foaled: March 16, 2016, Description: Chestnut mare with irregular star, white patch of hairs on right ear, right side of neck, and base of tail. One left hind sock -pastern height, Stands a solid 16 HH. Microchip #Microchip # 981020019184804 The full number will be given when we get a call. This horse toes out on the front and at a walk and trot, looks like her legs are crooked - this is VERY noticeable. Thank you for keeping an eye out. Sandy Brayton, 515-802-6362, meriwon@hotmail.com
Area Last Seen: Vail, IA, 51465
Date Lost: 12/2/2022