Stolen Horse named Richard - Burtrum, MN, 56318 | NetPosse ID #5693

Stolen Horse Near Burtrum, MN, 56318

REWARD $1,000.00

NetPosse ID #: 5693
Name: Richard
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Belgian
Description: On Wednesday, 12-7-22, at 3 AM, I was woke up by hearing a lot of noise outside. I went outside to check it out and saw all 4 of my Belgians there and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I went back in and went to bed. It started snowing at 4 AM. I woke up at 8 AM for work and there were only 3 horses there. There’s no fencing that was down and no tracks or prints in the snow. That leads me to believe that someone was already outside my house, hid when I went out there, waited until I went back to bed and then went in the pasture and took him before it started snowing. He’s lame and being treated for an injury to his pastern and on medication for possible EPM. He’s an absolute puppy dog! He has no ID. He’s pretty underweight. We got him severely underweight and have been working on building him back up. He’s a lot better, but still not 100% where his weight should be. He’s lame and being treated for an injury to his back left pastern. It will either be open and bleeding or there will be a lot of scar tissue. That injury opens and closes all the time. His back right pastern has scar tissue there too. He’s on medication for possible EPM. Above his eyes he has a lot of gray hair. He’s an old man. 20ish years old the vet said. He’s missing a lot of teeth and when he chews it sounds like he’s chewing on rubber. ---------------------------- Morrison County Sheriff Office: Our office received a call on Wednesday afternoon regarding this Belgian horse missing from a residence off Abbey road, southwest of Upsala. It’s possible that the Belgian went missing on Tuesday 12/6/2022, prior to the snow fall. If you have any information on the whereabouts, or you witnessed any suspicious activity in this area, please contact our office at (320)632-9233. Case# 22011053
Area Last Seen: Burtrum, MN, 56318
Date Stolen: 12/7/2022