Missing Horse named Big John - Brooksville, FL, 34601 | NetPosse ID #5618

Missing Horse Near Brooksville, FL, 34601

REWARD $1,000.00

For her safe return
NetPosse ID #: 5618
Name: Big John
Gender: Stallion
Species: Horse
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Description: Have you seen, Big John, stolen with four horses in Florida? Download, print and post Big John's flyer from his webpage. His NetPosse Alert on Facebook is at this link. Please, share it extensively. Red dodge single cab truck with red trailer. https://www.facebook.com/StolenHorseInternationalNetPosse/posts/pfbid02P4fUsuYZg2oe8L7NndPFYgZbrdb3fmo1ktHDBmg3S3U4yiRKuTuMhEfEJAV8yH1fl John stolen from Ayers Rd area Brooksville. Approx 16h. Red dodge single cab truck with red trailer. Several horses taken. Nov 9 to Nov 12th. Expect headed to Miami area. Possible sighting Red truck, Red trailer pulled over the road in Keystone Heights FL. 45 min south of Gainseville. 6:30 pm. Tonight (11/09/22) on Highway 100. Hernando Co Sheriffs Office. 352-754-6830 Case # 2022-333504 ------------------ Robin Burk UPDATE ON JOHN AND HORSES TAKEN ON 11/9/2022 IN HERNANDO COUNTY-WARNING LONG READ: We have been in contact with one of the tenants that was on Danielle's property Wednesday, Nov 9th when the horses were taken off the property at 10:00pm. There were 4 horses taken in all, including John, Danielle's horse. A standard bred Mare, her 6 month old colt, a Standard bred mix Mare, and John. At one point several months ago, there were up to 10-12 horses at the property as the tenant was involved in livestock trading/selling. A Burgundy Dodge Ram Diesel truck with a red trailer (It was dark and the tenant doesn't know how to describe what kind of trailer it was other than red, nor the make of the trailer) and an SUV. 6 Hispanic men in the vehicles with hoodies and dark glasses were in the vehicles. When the tenant opened the door they got out of their vehicles and asked for the owner of the horses by name, and told the tenant they were there to take the horses. The tenant let them know the owner of the other 3 horses wasn't there and they started to approach the horses including John. The tenant told them John was not owned by the person they asked for, and they told the tenant they didn't care, cursed at the tenant and made gestures behind their backs as if they had firearms. The man that spoke was Puerto Rican. She went back in the house and locked the door. Within 20 mins they loaded all 4 horses and left. There are no surveillance cameras on the property. All she could see was that they went our towards Ayers Rd as the property is set way back. The tenant fled the property early morning and filed a police report. Based on the events described above and some other detail, we believe that the owner of the 3 horses may have gotten into some debt and either sold the horses to these men or they came to collect on that debt and John was unfortunately, taken as well. John is a stud and once those mares were loaded he would follow. We are protecting the tenants privacy so please no questions who they are. They no longer reside on the property. The Standard Bred mares were used for trot/pace/harness racing and one was known for her speed. Given details in our discussion with the tenant, we do not believe the horses were taken for their meat. There is no evidence the perps were heading toward Miami. There were 2 horses left behind that the owner of the other 3 horses didn't own and were in another paddock. They were older geldings owned by someone else who came and got them the next day. Danielle saw fresh hoof prints and tire marks and thought the perps had come back. This was not the case as the tenant told us who was there to get their 2 horses. We continue to work closely with Danielle to find John and and are in close contact with her daily giving advise, support and all we can to assist in finding John. If anyone has any information please contact Danielle or KFHS. EVERYONE NEEDS TO REMAIN VIGILANT AT ALL TIMES! 11/12/2022 BROOKSVILLE/HERNANDO COUNTY OFF AYERS RD. 12 HORSES STOLEN FROM THE SAME PROPERTY, ALONG WITH DANIELLE’S HORSE JOHN, PICTURED (Spot stallion.) RED DEISEL SINGLE CAB AND TRAILER (Could be maroon truck and maroon stock trailer) SEEN ON PROPERTY NOV 9th, SUSPECTED TO HAVE COME BACK YESTERDAY DUE TO FRESH HOOF PRINTS AND TIRE MARKS. WE WILL UPDATE WHEN WE GET MORE DETAIL. LAW ENFORCEMENT CALLED. HERNANDO COUNTY STAY VIGILLANT!!!
Area Last Seen: Brooksville, FL, 34601
Date Lost: 11/9/2022