Searching For Horse named Kay - High Point, NC, 27265 | NetPosse ID #5421

Searching For Horse Near High Point, NC, 27265

NetPosse ID #: 5421
Name: Kay
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Connemara x Thoroughbred
Description: ISO this horse. I gave Kay to someone in August 2011 when I went to college. Kay would be around 21 years old right now (born 2001). 14.3h bay mare with a star. When we got Kay we were told she was a thoroughbred, but she has a similar build to a connemara. She has big ol ears, an indent on the right side of her neck, and her only white marking is a star.

At the time she was ridden English. More go than woah and loved to jump. She loved oranges and would even eat the peel if I wasn’t fast enough. Good ground manners, trailered well and had front aluminum shoes at the time.

I gave her to a barn located in High Point, NC late August 2011. The last time I saw Kay was at that barn in November 2011. I don’t know when, where, or who, but from what I was told Kay was leased out to someone in Lexington, NC. A few months later I was told that she was leased to someone else in Pennsylvania. I wasn't given any more information.

I just want to know she is okay or any information on her whereabouts.
Area Last Seen: High Point, NC, 27265
Date Last Known: 11/1/2011