Missing Horse named Snowflake - Clarkton, NC, 28433 | NetPosse ID #5388

Missing Horse Near Clarkton, NC, 28433

NetPosse ID #: 5388
Name: Snowflake
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature
Description: Snowflake - mini double dilute white stallion with BLUE eyes - deaf and blind in right eye - missing from pasture in North Carolina - All accesses to leave the yard were shut and everyone except for 3 people were gone from the area (a total of 5 houses away from the road). At 1 PM Snowflake was nowhere to be found and all the gates were still shut and all the other horses were still in the yard grazing. Snowflake lived in a very thick wooded area and the family went in the woods and took machetes to cut brush looking for Snowflake. There was no fur, no poop, no tracks, and no sign of any scavengers around the neighborhood. We have continued to search the area and still no signs of Snowflake, living or dead. A police report has been filed and if we can find him, we can get him back. The detective in charge of the case is Detective Roy Norris and his number is 910-642-6551. Snowflake went missing from an area called Farmers Union.
Area Last Seen: Clarkton, NC, 28433
Date Lost: 7/19/2014



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