Missing Horse named Attila - Pendleton, NY, 14094 | NetPosse ID #5337

Missing Horse Near Pendleton, NY, 14094

NetPosse ID #: 5337
Name: Attila
Species: Horse
Breed: Arabian

My horse was boarded with a "friend". At the time I was very busy starting my business, and taking care of 2 small children and an ailing old mother. I had two horses at her place. This woman needed money and had been made repeated offers by a third party for Attila. She took advantage of the fact that I was overloaded at the time and went two weeks without seeing Attila to secretly sell him to this 3rd party without my knowledge or consent. The lady that had Atilla in Alabama subsequently loaned the horse out to a religious group who used him for parades throughout the South. We have learned that she claims he has been sold and resold several times since and claims to have no idea where he is now. I need to get him back!!! PLEASE HELP ME SAVE ATTILA!!!! I have been trying to get him back for years. Please NOTE that Attila was born black but has gone in later years progressively more grey.

Area Last Seen: Pendleton, NY, 14094
Date Lost: 9/1/2009



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