Searching For Horse named Izzy - Pleasant Grove, Ut, 84062 | NetPosse ID #5282

Searching For Horse Near Pleasant Grove, Ut, 84062

NetPosse ID #: 5282
Name: Izzy
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Mustang
Description: Izzy was taken from where we were keeping her in Pleasant Grove Utah. We are not exact on the date because my husband's father passed away and his mother had us trespassed from both his dad's house and where we kept our horse. We’d sneak and try to see her at night and our niece moved in with his mom to take care of Izzy. We were informed around the first of may that Izzy had been taken up to Indianola Utah and possibly sold. We have reason to believe she is in the Birdseye, Hideaway Valley, Indianola, or Fairview Utah area, but she could be anywhere. She is about 14- 14.5 hands tall and has a scar on the left side of her chest, she is freeze branded under her mane on the left side. She was last seen by someone in the Black Hawk Mountain Estate community in Utah by someone that tried to shoe her but she didn’t let them shoe her and she doesn’t take shoes. She is blue Roan colored. The person we suspect took her lives in The Oaker hills community in Indianola Utah. So it’s likely Izzy is around there. She is like a big dog and very sweet, but may be wilder now that she’s away from us. She is my five-year-olds horse as well as a part of our family please if you have any information let us know. Public Page Link
Area Last Seen: Pleasant Grove, Ut, 84062
Date Last Known: 5/1/2022