Missing Horse named Dixie - Lenoir, NC, 28645 | NetPosse ID #5221

Missing Horse Near Lenoir, NC, 28645

REWARD $500.00

NetPosse ID #: 5221
Name: Dixie
Gender: Male
Species: Horse
Breed: Miniature horse
Description: Dixie was last seen at 7:15 am on Tuesday May 10, 2022 in our pasture. Our daughter went to feed him at 6:00 pm and he was nowhere to be found. We searched for hours and our neighbors joined us in the search. There was no trace of him anywhere and no indication or evidence that he had been outside the perimeter of the fence. There were no hoof tracks or feces anywhere around the outside of the fenced in pasture. Dixie suffered a founder episode 5 or more years ago and his mobility became somewhat limited as a result. He was unable to climb the steeper hills and his walk became slower over time. He is on a strict diet of rolled or crimped oats to prevent another founder episode. Dixie requires specialized hoof care/ trimming to prevent further issues with his mobility. After multiple searches of our property and surounding properties, we have come to the conclusion that someone has taken him. With the mobility issues that Dixie has, he would have been physically unable to wander far enough away for us to have not found him Tuesday evening, much less after two additional days of searching. We are offering a reward for his safe return in hopes that someone will come forward.
Area Last Seen: Lenoir, NC, 28645
Date Lost: 5/10/2022 6:00:00 PM