Missing Horse named Renee - Annapolis, MO, 63620 | NetPosse ID #5180

Missing Horse Near Annapolis, MO, 63620

NetPosse ID #: 5180
Name: Renee
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Straight Curly
Description: Missing from her pasture in Iron County Missouri. She is a 19 year old brown/white paint straight curly mare. My second mare is still in the pasture. No obvious fence issues. We did find fresh manure and hoofprints out behind the pasture but none far away. We have hundreds of acres of woods behind us with logging trails. We have walked the trails and rode them with an ATV for two days now with no signs of her at any great distance from the pasture. She may have spooked, run and gotten lost, or she may have been taken in the night. We had some rough looking folks on our county road the day before she vanished.
Area Last Seen: Annapolis, MO, 63620
Date Lost: 4/29/2022