Searching For Horse named Mini Cooper - Valley Center, CA, 92082 | NetPosse ID #5062

Searching For Horse Near Valley Center, CA, 92082

NetPosse ID #: 5062
Name: Mini Cooper
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Pony
Description: Mini "Cooper" is a 21-year-old, flashy, 12.1 hand, pinto pony gelding with two knobby knees that was last seen in Valley Center, CA in March 2022. WHAT HAPPENED TO MINI COOPER --> The man we leased Cooper to was arrested on 4/12/22 in Valley Center, CA for the Grand Theft of our horse Mini Cooper ("Cooper"). We need the public's help locating Cooper as this man refuses to disclose where he rehomed him. KNOWN FACTS: * The man who stole Cooper listed him for sale in the February 2022 edition of the California Horsetrader for $5,000. This man was NOT the legal owner of Cooper and had no authority to sell him. * On 6/6/21, we ended the Feed Lease we had had with this man since July 2016. He refused to return Cooper and claimed in writing that he could never part with Cooper due to his personal relationship with him, his god-daughter's relationship with Cooper, and the "special bond" between Cooper and his gelding. * We then consulted with an Equine Attorney and learned we risked the courts awarding a monetary value for Cooper instead of ordering his return. We did not want to risk that so we began searching for other options to legally reclaim our horse. * On 3/11/22 we were informed by the agent we had assigned to oversee Cooper's care during the Feed Lease (our close friend and also a friend, neighbor & landlord of the man who had Cooper) that Cooper was missing. * We reported the theft of Cooper to the authorities and eventually an arrest was made, including two felony charges. Unfortunately, the man refused to disclose to the authorities where Cooper is so we NEED YOUR HELP! * We absolutely believe that whomever has Cooper likely knew nothing about the theft and is a victim of this man as well. We will work with whomever has Cooper to seek full financial restitution from the man that illegally sold our horse.
Area Last Seen: Valley Center, CA, 92082
Date Last Known: 3/11/2022