Missing Horse named Shelby Dianne - Quitaque, Tx, 79255 | NetPosse ID #4936

Missing Horse Near Quitaque, Tx, 79255

NetPosse ID #: 4936
Name: Shelby Dianne
Gender: Female
Species: Horse
Breed: Mustang
Description: Lost at Caprock State Park around Mesa Trail, accident owner care flighted out and had to leave her horse behind. Shelby was not found by anyone, the owner returned several times to look for her. She still has not seen, not even with the ranger's help. Now 3 yr old Grulla/ blue, grey in fall/winter to buckskin in summer Mustang filly freeze brand of 18636227, star-strip-snip: right front full pastern, RH sock, LH stocking, HH 13.5 We are wondering if Shelby is still out there somewhere or if someone has her and does not know where she came from, or if she was found, put in a rescue, or even sold. All possibilities are being considered. She is most likely still in the area and we hope people in the Caprock State Park will keep an eye out for her, print one of the flyers here, and post it for us.
Area Last Seen: Quitaque, Tx, 79255
Date Lost: 10/23/2021