Missing Horse named Jack - 108 Mile Ranch, BC, V0K2Z0 | NetPosse ID #4887

Missing Horse Near 108 Mile Ranch, BC, V0K2Z0

NetPosse ID #: 4887
Name: Jack
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: Fjord cross
Description: My horses Jack and Jill were temporarily staying at Flying Rooster Farm by Spruce Hills in 108 Mile House (BC, Canada). I dropped them off on Friday morning (Dec. 17th) and they were directly put in with the rest of the herd there, 8 horses. They had 24/7 food and water. Sometime between Saturday, Dec. 18, later afternoon, and Sunday, Dec. 19th they went missing. We have spent multiple days searching around the property on horseback, foot, skis, by drone, and by airplane and there were no signs of them which made us suspect that someone took them off the property. It is very unlikely that they would leave the other horses and the food and water. We have notified and checked ranches nearby but they did not show up there either. If they would have made their way home which is in Bridge Lake, approx. 60km away, someone would have seen them or they would have gotten here by now. Horse Description: Jack, gelding, Fjord cross, roan with gray & black mane, BRANDED on left/near shoulder: Diamond over upside-down 'E' Jill, mare, Fjord cross, dun with black & blonde mane, BRANDED on left/near shoulder: Diamond over upside-down 'E' We have notified RCMP, SPCA, Brand Inspectors, Rescues, Social media, put up local posters, trying to get news networks to get the word out as well. See updates, download and print this flyer to post, and more on Jill's webpage: https://netposse.com/?4887 Jack's webpage: https://netposse.com/?4888
Area Last Seen: 108 Mile Ranch, BC, V0K2Z0
Date Lost: 12/18/2021