Missing Horse named Sundance - Whitefish, MT, 59937 | NetPosse ID #4682

Missing Horse Near Whitefish, MT, 59937

NetPosse ID #: 4682
Name: Sundance
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: 1/2 Tennessee Walker, 1/2 Quarter Horse
Description: Last seen at the base of Bugle Mountain Trail in the Scapegoat Wilderness of Montana, heading North likely towards the Mainline Trail. Black and white mare with one blue eye and one brown. The second photo from the left is NOT this mare, but her mother, but it shows the gear Sundance was wearing when she ran off.

From Larry L Lautaret Facebook Page 9/22/21: Well, back with all people safely from a trip to the "Bob." Horses, not so much. Among the saddest ways to end an otherwise good trip into the wilderness. Good company, pretty good weather. Good riding.

However, Friday afternoon the horse I was riding, with ALL my hunting gear, rifle, binoculars, saddlebags, horn bags, a saddle pannier, etc., bolted at a shot at a grouse, and just kept going. We spent the next several days looking for her. She has not turned up yet. I could use help from all Montana Facebook friends in sharing the message of her loss, hoping that someone in the backcountry ran into her and will bring her to the trailhead somewhere.

Since there is still some hope for this horse, I would appreciate anyone sharing to get the word out and appreciate prayer for her safe return. Several kids, as well as adults, are really in mourning.
She is a black and white paint mare with one blue eye and one brown eye, so pretty distinctive. I will post pictures when someone shows up that knows how to do that. She had hunter orange saddlebags, brown horn bags, saddle, breast collar, crupper, and my rifle on at the time.

She was last seen near the base of the Bugle Mountain trail in the Scapegoat Wilderness North of Lincoln. We came to the Arrastra Creek Trail.

There is more to the story that I will post separately, but since there is hope she will be found this can be shared or edited or distributed however anyone can. Thanks so much.
Area Last Seen: Whitefish, MT, 59937
Date Lost: 9/17/2021