Searching For Horse named Triple Te Hancock(MissTe) - Troup, TX, 75789 | NetPosse ID #4605

Searching For Horse Near Troup, TX, 75789

NetPosse ID #: 4605
Name: Triple Te Hancock(MissTe)
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Hancock Quarter Horse
Description: I sold her in December of 2020 and the guy I sold her to sent her to Dominique's Stockyards sometime in the spring. She is super broke and has lots of buttons. She has a large split on her front right hoof that is permanent. I found out she was bought by Thompson's Stockyard and sold to someone in Illinois but I haven't found out who. I really just want to know she is safe. She is super sweet and we have been through a lot. Once I found out what he did all I can do is hope I can find her safe.
Area Last Seen: Troup, TX, 75789
Date Last Known: 3/1/2021