Missing Horse named Chloe - Jones, Ok, 73049 | NetPosse ID #4551

Missing Horse Near Jones, Ok, 73049

NetPosse ID #: 4551
Name: Chloe
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Grade APHA
Description: Hi everyone. My three horses were stolen off of my property in Dewey county Oklahoma. She stole them when my uncle refused to get back with her. The DA ruled it as a civil matter, and the woman who stole them, sold them and that guy sold them to a man in Fairview Oklahoma, he has notified me that they have been sold to a guy in Missouri. I am trying to find them because they are my everything, I did not give anyone the rights to sell them. I want to buy them back or do anything I can to get them back. • Chloe: the paint mare is twelve years old approximately, she is red and white. She also has white on her back that kind of looks like a saddle and has a white star shape of white under her jaw. And a small diamondish shape of white on her forehead, • MARY JANE: the paint filly, she is a little over a year old and is such an in your pocket horse. She has a white mark on her right side kind of in the shape of a flying bird, and has white also kind of taking the shape of a saddle, she has two white spots in her mane, one at the base and one in the middle, you can only see the one in the middle if her mane is facing one way. • BRUNO: the stud colt, was born April 11, 2021. He is currently brown and white as of the last time I saw him, and has a shoe print shape of brown on his left side and a white mark kind of similar to his sisters on his right side of his neck, his mane is black white black white, and his tail is white with a black tip. He also has a white mark under his jaw kind of shaped like a circle. • Please please help me find my babies they’re my whole world
Area Last Seen: Jones, Ok, 73049
Date Lost: 5/21/2021