Missing Horse named Cody - Sorrento, FL, 32776 | NetPosse ID #4381

Missing Horse Near Sorrento, FL, 32776

NetPosse ID #: 4381
Name: Cody
Gender: Gelding
Species: Horse
Breed: quarter horse
Description: MAKE SURE YOU READ THE UPDATES IN THE COMMENT SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS NETPOSSE REPORT: Has anyone on here sold or bought their horse from a girl named Mary Williams (not her real name) who was in Lawtey Florida in 2016? I now know her real name and that she has been arrested and convicted for doing the same thing to someone else in NC. There is a tremendous amount of information about her on Google. She was a vet student at Tuskegee University and has a current case in AL that is awaiting trial. In my opinion, she basically committed a 'civil theft' with my horse 4 years ago. We had a “signed contract” that she was just watching him while I went through cancer treatments. I am looking into the civil theft statutes in FL to see if that will help us any with prosecution now that I know her real name. Our horse Cody, a gelding with chrome would be 23 now. He was bred by Ted Sokel - a well-known QH cutting horse breeder in Ocala Fl. He is chestnut but can be a little reddish at times. He has an indent divet on his left side of his neck, two white socks on his back legs, a little bit of white on his right front foot, and his left hoof is black, not white.
Area Last Seen: Sorrento, FL, 32776
Date Lost: 6/14/2021 8:59:00 AM