Searching For Horse named Solid Ann - Millwood , VA, 22646 | NetPosse ID #4343

Searching For Horse Near Millwood , VA, 22646

NetPosse ID #: 4343
Name: Solid Ann
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Paint
Description: GREAT NEWS!!! ANNIE IS HOME!!!!

My horse was last seen at {Name withheld - contact filer for name} Farm in Millwood, Virginia. My horse was on a free lease with the owner of this barn. When we went up to check on her the owner of the barn told us that she got rid of my horse. She will not disclose the information of who where and when my horse was given away. This was done without My consent. The last time I saw her on the farm was March 12, 2021.

We have had many people reach out to us that they might have seen Annie at the Mt Airy Auction in North Carolina.
If anyone has any information or might have been there on Saturday please let me know.
Keep praying
Area Last Seen: Millwood , VA, 22646
Date Last Known: 6/5/2021 2:00:00 PM