Missing Horse named Cherokee - Athens, Tn, 37303 | NetPosse ID #4332

Missing Horse Near Athens, Tn, 37303

NetPosse ID #: 4332
Name: Cherokee
Gender: Mare
Species: Horse
Breed: Gaited Breed
Description: MISSING Senior Horse in Athens, Tennessee!! • Vet estimate 25-30 years old • Mare (evidence of past life as a broodmare) • Her feet are untrimmed (trust us, we’ve had multiple ferriers try, even with sedation) • About 14 hands We rescued Cherokee in 2016 from an abuse situation, which means she spooks easy and is hard to catch. Cherokee’s last suspected location is inside the city limits of Athens in East Tennessee, near Highway 11 and Velma Road (Tractor Supply area). We still have no leads or further information. We are thankful to say her sister that was with her, our donkey Peppa, was found and is home safe. We found and retrieved Peppa at a property yesterday. We have found our donkey and the two other horses that were with them under mysterious circumstances -police are involved-. Cherokee loves her pack and would never separate from them or willingly go with a stranger. She’s not “worth much” monetarily, but she’s family and is very loved here. We are worried sick about our girl.
Area Last Seen: Athens, Tn, 37303
Date Lost: 5/30/2021